Pre-order Exclusive Colorways


As previously noted, these are the colors of the series 2 versions of the toys.  Orange Muckoid, AKA Eyeballer, was actually never produced.  Red Liceplant, AKA Mighty Lice, did see production in VERY small numbers in Scandinavia.

Rather than calling these "Kickstarter exclusives," I am very carefully naming them "Pre-Order Exclusives" to avoid complaints or confusion down the line.  Allow me to explain: your best chance (and only chance for the foreseeable future) to obtain these versions will be to purchase through the impending Kickstarter campaign.  However, I want to retain the ability to make them available again during pre-orders of future TBBXL toys.  And possibly the very occasional charity auction, toy show, convention appearance, or base for a custom, etc.  But do not be confused, there will not be a wide open opportunity to purchase these versions outside the pre-order for Trash Bag Bunch XL via the Kickstarter campaign.