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The Final Countdown

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In an effort to bolster the compaign, any backer can add additional sets to their pledge in FLESH, GREEN, ORANGE, and VIOLET! $20 per set, simply adjust your pledge and make a note of what additional sets you want on the survey at the end. No additional shipping if your pledge already includes toys, but please add $4 if you are adding sets to a pledge that does not include toys.

Nothing to lose and only toys to gain!

Nearly there! Thanks for the continued support!


Last Resort Toys store

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Trash Bag Bunch XL figures, stickers, pins, shirts, and Trash Bag Bunch series 2 mini figures are all available to order.

Pre-orders placed in the next couple weeks will go out with the first wave of shipping in April, and then there will be continuous shipping after that.


Trash Bag Bunch XL figures are on their way from the factory now—they should be shipping out to Kickstarter backers in a couple weeks.

Blank green, glow in the dark, and classic painted versions will be first. Exclusive versions will be a little later, and the premium painted versions will be last.

Here they are, all packaged and ready to go!


Production photos

Here are some of the photos I have received from the factory documenting different stages of the production process. Most of the toys are finished and packaged at this stage and I’m arranging shipping to the US. They will soon be distributed and available for a wider sale.

I’ve worked closely with the factory to ensure quality control and color matching. They have done a brilliant job and have really given these toys the attention they deserve. It’s great to get these behind the scenes shots from the factory and to be able share some of them.


Thank You

To all the friends, family, strangers, strangers who have become friends, and fellow toy fiends who backed the Trash Bag Bunch XL Kickstarter, I want to extend a very gracious “THANK YOU.” Thanks for the support, the trust that I would execute this, and the continuous positive feedback.

Here is just a small acknowledgment of all the people who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign in May-June 2018:

Jonny Look

Tyler Lucas

Lauren Malizia

Ted Melnick

Carly Mercer

Jacob Mikkelsen

Neil Moherman

Patrick Muhlberger

Magellan Mulligan

Roger Murray

Michael Neel

Tom Nimmo

Brian Oliveira

Zach Orian

Rachel Owen

Mark-Anthony Padua

Anthony Paolo

Edgar Paredes

Alisha Pearlson

Eric Perez

Brodie Perkins

Carol Petrie Sam Rauch

Freeman Reed

Harry Reep

Gavin Rehder

Casey Roberson

Emma Ross

Pierce Ryan

David Sabol

Mik Samaniego-Lira

Kara Schaub

Mckean Scheu

Jenna Schoenfeld

Emil Sempf

Paul Sewell

Tony Simon

James Singleton

Liz Slabodnick

David Sobolov

Meredith Sottili

Joshua Sterling

Nicholas Stevens

Thomas Stump

Robb Sturtcman

Shannon Sullivan

Nick Swain

Nate Theis

Faith Thumath

Hazel Thumath

Charles Thurlow

Adrianne Tompkins

Gabe Uhr

Manuel Utrera

Bryan Walman

Gabriel Waluconis

Scott Williams

Simon Wilson

Ulise Acosta

Andrew Adams

Kahil Agnew

Jeremiah Barber

Vincent Bargo

Judson Beecher

Rick Behnke

Alex Bickmore

Erin Blake

Bryan Borgman

Blake Boyd

Bryce Brentlinger

David Brocca

Amanda Brown

Isidro Buenrostro

Ryan Bury

Edwardo Cabrer

Malori Cefoli

Jake Chambers

Suman Chatterjee

Iris Chu

Joshua Cole

Heather Conley

James Collett

Andrea Cornell

Andrew Crabtree

Juan Pablo Cuello

Mike Deas

Jesse DeStasio

Razvan Dragan

Adam Edgley

Daniel Elmore

Stephanie Feinerman

 Janet Fulk

Duane Fulk

The Creative Fund

Justin Gadze

Greg Gallant

George Gaspar

Eric Gibeau

Ryan Hertel

Cory Howard

Steve and Donna Jackson

Kipp Jarden

Dan Johnson

Brian Kameoka

Scott Katler


Benny Kline

Simon Kock

Eric Koch

Jason Kreiger

Justine Law

Amy Leach

Ben Leach

Brian Leak

Samantha Levy

Christopher Lick

Exclusive Muckoid


This is the Tenacious Toys exclusive BLUE MUCKOID, only available from Tenacious Toys. This Muckoid features an all-new color palette. The green, pink, and purple are all different shades from the classic version, and the blue body gives ol’ Mucky a whole new appearance. It’s a limited release, so stay up to date with Tenacious Toys on social media for ordering info! In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the new colorway:


Updates! Updates! Updates!

Things are trucking right along, it’s time consuming and hard to keep pace with updates!

Some blank green and blank glow units arrived in time for Designer Con and they are beautiful.


It was great to have a presence at Dcon and show the toys to the world and also preview some upcoming prototypes.

Take a look at the Last Resort Toys booth:


I met a handful of Kickstarter backers, which was so nice, and was able to connect with many other talented artists. Such a good convention!

Enamel Pins

Production is moving along well and I'm starting to get some goodies in!  I've got some photos from the factory here (please excuse some blurriness, I'll replace them once I get a chance to photograph the pins.)


The details and colors on these came out beautifully. These will be available at Designer Con 2018 and fulfillment of the pin reward tier from Kickstarter will also start in just a couple months!

Trash Bag Bunch XL Production Progress

Here are some cool photos from the factory.  These are the wax copies used to make the metal molds.  Once the factory has made their molds, all the vinyls can be pulled with the same details and no degradation to the mold itself.  


As you can see, the waxes are beautiful and well polished with all the details transferred from the prototypes.


The Kickstarter was successfully funded on June 7th!

So what's next?  Now I'm just working out details, figuring out numbers, and placing my order with factory.  There is still a lot to do!  I'm finalizing things for the shirts, stickers, and pins too.

And of course, I'm planning more toys!

Thanks to everyone who pledged to the Kickstarter, and/or shared the campaign.  It was a lot of fun, and a ton of work, and there's still much to be done, but these toys are happening!