Kickstarter Exclusives

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In addition to the classic series 1 colorways, the elusive Trash Bag Bunch series 2 colors will be available as Kickstarter exclusive colorways.

Any fan of TBB knows the woeful tale of series 2, but let me catch you up if you're not familiar. Series 1 was ubiquitous on the 'buy one get one free' racks at Kay-Bee toy stores and, no biggie, they're everywhere. 

Series 2 featured twelve original mini figure sculpts and several repaints of series 1. They were only released in Scandinavia, and are EXTREMELY rare. Furthermore, there are prototypes shown of many of the series 1 repaints that were never produced at all.

So, available only through the Trash Bag Bunch XL Kickstarter campaign, Last Resort Toys will offer these series 2 colorways of the XL versions of Muckoid and Liceplant!

Thanks to for loaning me these images. Go over there for some fun reads about old and odd toys!